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Considered a top natural laxative by herbalists.
It is thought to be the most effective herb
for colon cleansing available.

Cascara Sagrada is known to act as a
natural antibiotic in the intestines
when taken internally.

It has been used to help eliminate
gastrointestinal parasites such as worms.

Cascara Sagrada increases the secretion
of bile from the gallbladder. Because of this property, it has been used to break up and prevent gallstones.

It is thought to relieve the pressure and pain
associated with hemorrhoids and anal fissures
as well (but this claim is only supported
by traditional use).

#ALERT – Can lead to laxative dependence as the intestines begin to adapt to the anthraquinones and become less able to work on their own. Please refrain from taking it for more than 2 weeks without taking a break (at least 2 days).

CASCARA SAGRADA | 4oz in each bag. Cascara Sagrada is used in our plant food supplement, Gut Support.

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