Benefits of a A Red Clover Bath: Improve bone health by helping to prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women. Red clover contains isoflavones – a class of compounds similar to estrogen. 

Studies show Red Clover can enhances skin health. Some studies suggest that red clover may improve skin health by boosting collagen production while reducing inflammation.

What We Know About Red Clover

Hormone balance is one of the many intended benefits of drinking Red Clover tea. The presence of Isoflavones have shown potential in the treatment of several conditions associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, cardiovascular health, and osteoporosis.

What You May Not Know

Red Clover has a particularly strong action on the lymphatic system, helping to improve flow and drainage. For this reason, it also supports skin health through toxin removal. We hear about other herbs that help with lymphatic drainage while Red Clover is often overlooked. So taking an Epsom Salt bath with Red Clover is an amazing toxin removal method.


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The Problem With Lymphatic Build Up

There are 2 major ways to drain the lymphatic system and sadly, they aren’t part of the American popular culture. The practice of sweating in sauna is common in many cultures. In the United Sates the sauna is thought of as a spa treatment reserved for pampering and special occasions like vacation, etc,.

How to Cleanse The Lymphatic System

First thing is, stop adding toxins to the lymphatic system. The sugar, starch, caffeine and foreign hormones from animal products need to be minimized or eliminated for a period long enough to focus on detoxification.

Next, you’ll need to focus on proper hydration daily along with sweating using a sauna, sauna suit, blanket or sun. This is very important. The skin is the biggest pore and largest toxin removal organ. Take advantage of it. Sweating will also remove the sugar that’s causing those cravings.

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Don’t Suffer from Dehydration:

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The Challenge

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The Bottom Line

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