The one thing I never really understood was the Smoothie Bowl. I just didn’t get it. Was it fruit soup? Or a liquid fruit salad? Either way I wasn’t into it. But somehow, the other day, I decided to try it and see what the fuss was all about.

I mean, there was a whole trend behind these bowls with shops and cafe’s popping up all over the place, even naming their establishment after the famous Acai Bowls.

What You May Not Know

Today, many of the smoothie shops and cafes are using subpar ingredients, frozen fruit and sweeteners that make for better profits but can cause potential harm to us in the form of inflammation and additional empty calories. It’s not necessary, especially for a food item that’s so simple to make. So let’s dive in and see if we can get into this smoothie bowl thing.


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Making My Smoothie Bowl

I started with a smoothie I already wanted and decided to take it to the next level with a variety of berries and fresh coconut meat from COPRA. (Get 15% OFF with code: ChefCrush15)

Once you pour the smoothie in the bowl it’s all about layering the other pieces of fruit in a way that looks like an art project, pretty much. I guess it was fun. I’m still a little confused as to why this was popular.

Almond Cow Milk Maker

The Problem With Sweet Fruit

Sweet fruits are fantastic for nourishment and detoxification, however they are high in fruit sugar and need to be regulated. This can be especially concerning for those who need to keep sugar levels in check. So though a bowl of fruit may seem healthy, it’s important to pay attention to the combination of fruits as well as any additional sweeteners or ingredients that may have been added when you buy smoothies and fruit beverages on the go.

The Reason to Make Your Own

This is pretty obvious, but it’s best to have as much control as possible for what goes in your body. Washing your own produce, using your own equipment and blending your own smoothies will ensure your know the contents, process and can trust the finish product to give you everything you need and none of what you don’t.

The Challenge

Did you know that 73% of the U.S food supply is ultra-processed? And 52% of those foods are cheaper than less processed alternatives? The game is rigged against us in a war on healthy options.

Aren’t you tired of trying to “get healthy” when the FDA is allowing detrimental ingredients and preservatives in even the plant based and gluten free options?

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The Cheat Code

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The Bottom Line

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