A friend reached out and said her mom was having hormonal issues. Her Dr informed her she has what’s known as hyperthyroidism. A hyperactive thyroid is commonly an acidic condition that can quite possibly stem from diet and lifestyle choices. I offered this hormone maintenance method as a guideline.

After a few questions it turns out she was eating lots of fish, sea vegetables and consuming regular servings of caffeine. These 3 lifestyle choices alone can be culprits in disrupting hormone function. One of the greatest areas of opportunity for hormone balance is the removal of hormone disruption.

What To Do: Remove hormone disrupting foods and lifestyle and add hormone nourishing fruits and plants figs, young coconut, coconut water, melons, basil and Nerve Support.

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The Hormone Maintenance Method Supplements


When the thyroid gland is under-active it’s known as Hypo-thyroid-ism.

This condition is often due to a deficiency in the hormone promoting mineral, Iodine as well as a low level of iron and magnesium in the blood. Anemia is one of the most common conditions among those who consume a standard American diet. Many suffer from auto-immune illnesses and hormone imbalance.

60 million Americans, or 12 percent of the population, have a dysfunctional thyroid, and it’s estimated that another 16 million are undiagnosed.

What To Do: Increase natural iron from plant sources, not oxide iron made from chalky substances. But plant food iodine from Sea Moss, Bladdewrack, Nori, Dulse, Wakame and other sea vegetables. Add them as seasoning to dishes with Crush Foster’s Mineral Salt Seasoning. Take Nerve Support capsules and have a cup of this tea. (see video demo below)

What Are Hormone Disrupting Foods and Lifestyle?

Foods that can disrupt hormone balance include, caffeine, high sodium, processed sugar, alcohol, fermented foods, aluminum deodorant, antibiotics, foreign hormones in animal products. (especially chicken) This also includes cleaning agents, toxic air fresheners and clothing detergents.

The most beneficial thing we can do to gain relief from and prevent additional hormone dysfunction is to remove as many disruptive elements from our lives as possible. For a proven method of reducing and removing hormone disrupting food and building a delicious, easy to follow diet, grab a copy of The Digestive Reset Protocol.