Ever wonder why fast food fried chicken is so addictive? It’s because it’s been chemically designed to be irresistible and has triggered a new modern day “Chicken Addiction”.

The four aspects that make it so hard to resist are a balance of spices, sodium, MSG and white pepper.

The Formula

Balanced Spices: Rather than be say, rosemary heavy, there’s a perfect blend of herbs and spices that ensures the aroma remains unrecognizable – granting the ability to continually eat the food without flavor or aroma burnout. Pretty clever, huh?

Sodium: A salt infused crust allows for direct contact on the tongue from a crispy and fat saturated texture due to pressure frying.

MSG: Boosts the salt and adds an umami flavor common in savory fried foods.

White pepper: Triggers flavor receptors as well as brain receptors providing an unnoticeable antidepressant like quality.

Almond Cow Milk Maker

The Solution

This is my version of fried chicken called “Not Wings”. The batter is less than 5 ingredients, takes 20 mins to prepare and saves your life from addictive fast food fried chicken.

Fried Not Wings


This is by far one of my favorite meat replacement recipes. It’s perfect for the non plant based loved ones that are concerned about the taste of non meat options. And it tastes so much like chicken, it’s hard for them to be made when they learn it’s not meat.



Dehydration can also cause sugar cravings, as the body may mistake thirst for hunger. Be sure to drink better water with the Alkanatur.

Alkalnatur Purifying Alkaline Water Pitcher

The Challenge

Ultra Processed Foods (UPFs) are the progress-stopping substances that are sprinkled throughout our lives in the form of good family fun, convenience or holiday treats. This means it’s a fight to get the full spectrum of daily essential minerals through the foods we eat. You’d need to calculate and monitor every bite, all the time, and tally your score at the end of each day. Nobody has time for that.

Or, you could just take CELL SUPPORT, IMMUNITY SUPPORT and SEA MOSS daily.

The Bottom Line

Grab a cop of “Alkaline Transition

I will show you how to transform the way you shop for food, organize your fridge, systemize your prep, and easily execute your daily meals.