Did you hear about this? Plant-based meats have now been classified as UPFs (Ultra-Processed Foods)

Foods, such as cereals and fizzy drinks, have been linked to 32 harmful health effects, according to the largest review of the evidence to date. Globally, one in five deaths are thought to be due to poor diet, and the role of ultra-processed foods or UPFs has attracted much attention in many studies over recent years.

The definition identifies foods that may contain additives and chemicals and are intensely processed using refined and reconstituted ingredients, which consumers may not be familiar with. This covers foods as diverse as ice-cream, snacks, wholemeal bread, processed meats, and low-fat spreads. 

UPFs are also typically high in sugar, saturated fat, and salt, and low in fiber and vitamins. One study found that people who eat plant-based meats may not get enough calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B12, while consuming too much sugar and saturated fat.

Plant-based meat can also include added salt, artificial colors, flavors and processing aids to generate a “meat-like” sensory appeal, per a 2021 article published in Nutrients

Many people rely heavily on commercial, processed food products, and we need to ensure that in the future, these foods are safe and nutritious, particularly for poor and vulnerable groups.

The Solution

This is my version of ground beef and is versatile enough to be used for burgers, Chilli, meat loaf, meatballs, crumble, steaks, Kabobs, sausages and more. 

Wild Rice Beeph Burgers and Meet-balls


This is by far one of my favorite and most versatile meat replacement recipes. It’s evolved over the years and now includes Sun Dried Tomato and Sesame Oil which Add to deep savory meat flavor. This is perfect for the non plant based loved ones that are concerned about the taste of non meat options.

Add all ingredients to the food processor and pulse until well combined but still chunky. Use this mixture/batter to follow the directions below for meet-balls.

For burgers, simply make patties and fry or bake.


Almond Cow Milk Maker

Meet-Ball Directions:

  1. Use an ice cream scoop to section the meatballs evenly. This helps with a consistent size but you can use a tablespoon or form them by eye as well.
  2. Roll them into the desired size and lay them on a baking sheet.I like silicone sheets because they’re non stick and easy to clean. My research has shown them to be nontoxic and versatile enough for a number of applications.
  3. The oil inside the batter is enough for a firm texture during baking. No need to spray them with any additional oils.
  4. Bake at 360°F for 25-30 mins or until golden brown and visibly baked.
  5. The inside is already cooked rice and Teff flour, which cooks rather quickly, so no need to worry about them not being done or under-cooked.
  6. Add the mee-tballs to your favorite tomato sauce in a small pot for a slow simmer and additional moisture. (Tomato Sauce Recipe coming)
  7. Serve over pasta or in a sub roll, with Kamut or Spelt spaghetti or even zucchini spirals and yellow squash spirals.

Cooked meet-balls can last in the fridge for up to 1 week or frozen for up to 2 months.

Don’t Suffer From Dehydration

Dehydration can also cause sugar cravings, as the body may mistake thirst for hunger. Be sure to drink better water with the Alkanatur.

Alkalnatur Purifying Alkaline Water Pitcher

The Bottom Line

I will show you how to transform the way you shop for food, organize your fridge, systematize your prep, and easily execute delicious daily meals.


The Challenge

Ultra Processed Foods (UPFs) are the progress-stopping substances that are sprinkled throughout our lives in the form of good family fun, convenience or holiday treats. This means it’s a fight to get the full spectrum of daily essential minerals through the foods we eat. You’d need to calculate and monitor every bite, all the time, and tally your score at the end of each day. Nobody has time for that.

Or, you could just take CELL SUPPORT, IMMUNITY SUPPORT and SEA MOSS daily.