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A great daily mineral source.
Contains most of the essential minerals
that make up the human body.

Aids in boosting the metabolism,
supporting the immune system,
easing joint pain, soothing the digestive tract,
+ supporting heart health.

Powder can be used in smoothies,
put in capsules, or made into gel.
Easy to utilize for beginning users
of Sea Moss.

Chodrus Crispus is known as Irish Moss because it was the primary source of nutrition during the Irish Potato Famine of the 1800s and commonly grown on the coast of Ireland. The plant is wide and flat and can range in color from gold to purple to a dark blue/black. It also grows on the coasts of Canada and Maine.

IRISH SEA MOSS | 3oz per bottle. Sea Moss is also part of our daily mineral supplement, CELL SUPPORT.

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