How to Fight Cravings and Win

Cravings are intense and sometimes uncontrollable desires for specific foods, even when you are not hungry (or thirsty). Strong desires for junk meals can be the worst thing to any dieter, as they are comprised of processed high-calories with exceedingly high sugar content.
These kinds of addictions are the reasons why losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle may become particularly difficult, so having an understanding of it (explained below) can give you a winning strategy to come out of it victoriously.
Understanding Food Cravings
Food cravings mean having a desire (or urge) that ultimately pushes us to indulge in a kind of food or drink. This compulsion is not ordinary as it stems from parts of our brain that control/coordinate primitive actions vital for survival. Fulfilling these desires makes you feel happy and rewarded, albeit temporarily. The yearning for edibles high in sugar, starch, salts, and fats will leave long-term negative consequences to our physical and mental health.

So, what can lead to these yearnings? It can occur if you do not eat enough to consume the ideal nutrients and minerals. Such deficiencies can create an intense desire for heavily refined and fried foods. Dehydration also makes you hunger for such edibles, as your brain often confuses thirst signals as a hunger signal.

Stress also increases the longing for certain unhealthy nutriments. Events like preparing for an exam or trying to beat a deadline could make you turn to it to ease stress.
Fighting and Winning the Battle
If for any reason you feel a yearning for junk food, try drinking a large glass of water instead, and wait for a few minutes. Drinking water can help resolve the confusion of whether you are thirsty or hungry. It comes with numerous health benefits too.
Planning your meals can also help fight unhealthy desires. Ensure you eat the ideal quantity and quality of food to avoid being extremely hungry between meals. A healthy snack on the side can be a great alternative to such yearnings.

Ensure you get adequate sleep and stress relief to avoid disruptions and fluctuations in appetite hormones, which can cause unhealthy cravings and poor appetite control. Check out our comprehensive Beyond Vegan | Minerals Fast Digital Mini-Ecourse which provides you with highly informative tips, tools, and resources to prepare your nutritional journey for the optimum healthy lifestyle you deserve. You’ll also enjoy the HOW TO FAST App for Android and IOS. Download yours today and get the lifestyle you deserve.