How Sweet It is..

  1. Blend well and heat in a small pot.
  2. Do not boil — once hot, remove from heat and serve.
  3. Ground clove garnish is optional.

You can’t go through life, day after day without making sure you’re getting all the minerals you need. And it’s hard to get them ALL through the foods we eat. This means It’s a MUST that we either supplement or pay close attention to the mineral content of every food we eat. And who has time for that?

Most people don’t know, a hot cup of sea moss latte in the morning is a warm and comforting experience. But it also provides a host of minerals that help get the body ready for a day of optimum performance.

Did you know?

Ocean minerals come in many forms, all of which can play a key role in mineral balance. One of the main culprits in ROBBING us of our minerals is the water we drink. Dehydration, high sodium and poor circulation are all connected to the amount of water and KIND of water we drink on a daily basis.

If you haven’t gotten an Alkalntur Purifying water pitcher yet, this is your sign. Not only does it remove 99.9% of toxins, fluoride, heavy metals and pesticides, it also adds plant sourced magnesium back into the water, making it clean, optimally hydrating and a nourishing source for water that is the most cost effective method I’ve personally ever seen.

The secret is Coconut Charcoal and Bio Ceramics. It’s a brilliant concept that I wish I would have thought of myself. This is why it’s so effective and provides natural magnesium, which is essential to our circulation, brain health and heart health. This water literally does the opposite of the compromised bottled water we’ve been limited to for so long.

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