Lion’s Mane Krab Cakes only take about 30 mins! Use my chickpea chickn’ recipe in Beyond Vegan and shred the mushrooms by hand. Saute them and combine the 2 mixtures for this Lions Mane Krab Cake Recipe.
For those of you in the Cheat Codes group, use the Chickpea Crumbs recipe for the crispy exterior and the Aquafaba Mayo as the base for your dipping sauce. (join us in the cheat codes

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Lions Mane Krab Cake Recipe

Crab is a crustacean that can be seen as acidic and toxic to the human body. Often what is sold as crab is not even real crab. The least detrimental most nourishing alternative I’ve found is the Lion Mane mushrooms. The texture and consistency are very much in alignment with what you would experience with shredded crab meat.


Air fry at 400°F for 18 mins, and enjoy with Aquafaba mayo sauce from the Aquafaba Mayo recipe.

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