Kids breakfast cereals banned

You might have heard by now that many of the sweet, fruity cereals we’ve grown to know and love contain a chemical called BHT. I know you must be saying, “not another one” — but yes, there’s another potentially harmful chemical to look out for. It’s frustrating for parents. All kids want is a bowl of colored milk at the end of their favorite cereal. (I know I did) So what has kids breakfast cereals banned?

An Ultra Processed Food

This BHT is a preservative banned in other countries. BHT is a man-made antioxidant that some research suggests may increase the risk of cancer and disrupt hormones. The balance between shelf stability and profits are always a challenge for corporations. So it’s up to us to pay attention to labels and ingredients and choose foods that are the LEAST DETRIMENTAL among what is available. Luckily, we Sebians know what to do.

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Almond Cow Milk Maker

Bad Breakfast Cereals

And check this out! Other countries that have banned BHT include Japan and some parts of Europe, which has led to the ban of foods like Wheat Thins and Frosted Flakes. My first thought is “c’mon bro – not the Frosted Flakes.” But it’s true. The list of products that contain this chemical is long and includes many of our childhood favorites like St Ives and Neutrogena skin products. Take a look for yourself. This is what gets kids breakfast cereals banned.

Better Breakfast Cereal

If I’m being completely honest, my mom wasn’t a big fan of cereal for breakfast as a regular practice to begin with. As time goes on I realize cereal for breakfast wasn’t exactly the best practice and now I know I could have asked for much better.

That being said, IT’S TIME to do better — and that means changing out those chemical cereals for this healthy version. Some children can be a little particular about new foods. But puffed Kamut cereal is everything we love without all of the things we don’t need. You even get the colored milk at the end!

Make this powerhouse milk and cereal alternative and let me know how it goes.

The Cheat Code

In my private community, Cheat Codes I share all my neat little tricks and hacks that make it easy to avoid processed foods, condiments, ingredients and detrimental products. I’ve done the work and compiled a short list of the best products, ingredients, tools and equipment to make a healthier lifestyle just as simple as an unhealthy one.

Fruity Pebbles Milk




Don’t Suffer from Dehydration:

Dehydration can also cause sodium and sugar cravings, as the body may mistake thirst for hunger. Be sure to drink better water with the Alkanatur.

Alkalnatur Purifying Alkaline Water Pitcher

Ultra Processed Foods (UPFs) are the progress-stopping substances that are sprinkled throughout our lives in the form of good family fun, convenience or holiday treats. This means it’s a fight to get the full spectrum of daily essential minerals through the foods we eat. You’d need to calculate and monitor every bite, all the time, and tally your score at the end of each day. Nobody has time for that.

Or, you could just take CELL SUPPORT, IMMUNITY SUPPORT and SEA MOSS daily.

The Bottom Line

Grab a cop of “Alkaline Transition

I will show you how to transform the way you shop for food, organize your fridge, systematize your prep, and easily execute delicious daily meals.