Understanding Food Addiction
- Why It's So Easy to Lose

Let’s face it, some of us have (or might have had) a food addiction at one point or another in our lives. It usually starts when your mind desires processed meals (in most cases) that would be hard to consider as nutritious to the body from a logical standpoint. That is the issue, as it ‘craves’ for it, despite the conscious mind condemning it.
A reward system and a very complex situation will begin and continue until it becomes full-blown, similar to what drug addicts experience when exposed to drugs like cocaine. In fact, from a chemical and biological standpoint, the mechanism is very similar.

The Mechanism of Food Addiction

The ‘reward system’ associated with food addiction as earlier described happens when the brain releases chemicals, including the neurotransmitter dopamine, usually interpreted as pleasure. This release usually occurs when activities that encourage survival happens, like eating. Eating is a primal behavior, interpreted as doing something right since it is a requirement for survival.
The behaviors that cause the release of dopamine by the brain are hardwired into its memory. Junk meals, probably due to high levels of sweeteners and sugars, cause rewards that are way more powerful than what is available from natural foods. This effect leads to increased indulgence and tolerance to such edibles until we have a severe behavioral pattern.
Conquering The Gentle Monster
Cravings can happen to anyone for any reason at any time. The resulting behavioral changes are never easy to overcome, as there is no straightforward remedy or medicine to rid one-off. A method is to avoid edibles that trigger such behaviors.
In fact, in some cases, psychiatrists and psychologists may be needed to overcome this condition. Organizations such as Over-eaters Anonymous (OA) may also prove invaluable in winning the battle and the war of food addiction. Do you want to overcome your cravings? Check out our detailed and well-thought-out Beyond Vegan | Minerals Fast Digital Mini eCourse. This eCourse will help you win the fight against such dependence by setting you up for successful healthy well-being.
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